The Rugged Marriage is Ending

There’s no easy way to say this, so I’m going to do it the hard way: The Rugged Marriage Podcast and Facebook group are ending.

As men who have sought to be honest and open with you all, we (the admins) wanted to explain our decision and let you know what is happening next.

First the podcast: This has been a very tough year for Chris and I. Chris has been updating the group regularly with the priorities and pressures taking him away from the podcast and the group. But for me, the truth is, this year has been really hard – much harder than I anticipated. Work has taken up a lot more of my time than I expected it to when I switched to Information Security. It’s taken time from my family, from my church, and from my friends. While most of the big time sucking, overly stressful stuff has settled down, it continues to take more of my time and energy than I originally thought it would when I made the switch. Additionally, I’ve been given a few opportunities recently that are going to require more of my time and focus.

This has led to a ton of discussion between Rachel and I about what our lives should look like and how I should be prioritizing my time. So far, in 2017, I have had to say no to a lot of good opportunities to serve my church, my family, and my community because of things I have already been committed to. Until a few months ago, I had no problem saying no to these things in order to pursue other good things (good things which include the podcast and group), but since June I have been convicted more and more that I need to reprioritize and move my priorities around so that I can better serve in areas I have, up until now, had to reject due to time.

This all came to a head about a month ago and I started having conversations with my pastor, a few of my elders, my wife, a few other Godly people in my life. This also started conversations with Chris. In the end we agreed that neither of us could continue the podcast alone and that we needed to bring it to an end.

As for ending the group, it’s ending for the same reasons already mentioned, neither of us can rightly lead this group in the way required for it to continue to be the excellent group it has been. The entire Admin team has been discussing what we could do, who could run this group, how we could rightly continue it, but after a few months of discussions and planning we’ve all agreed that our lives are requiring too much of each of us and none of us can take on the responsibility and commitment of leading this group. There is simply too much happening in each of our lives and too many priorities for us to juggle them all successfully and in a way that rightly honors God. This includes handing it off to someone else. While we have discussed this at length, there is no one that we currently trust to take on the group and continue its legacy.

We love you all and everything that has grown out of The Rugged Marriage, but we can no longer support and lead you.

So what happens now?

Well, we just dropped episode 115 which goes into more detail of what has been going on in Chris and my life and helps to flesh out the plan for the next couple of weeks. In addition to this episode, we are doing two more:

  1. Episode 116 will go live on 10/23 and includes our answer to all the voicemails that have come up until this point.
  2. Episode 117 will go live 2 weeks later on 11/6. You can be part of the final episode by sending us an email or leaving us a voicemail or text message [(505) 750-3075] talking about what The Rugged Marriage means to you and saying goodbye to the podcast and group we all love.

Additionally, the episodes are now downloadable on SoundCloud ( They will remain online until April of 2018 when our subscription expires.

The Facebook group will remain live throughout this time, but will end with the final archive on Nov 12th.

We encourage each of you to continue to serve and encourage one another in the group until its last day. We will do a final post before the archive and then any current members will be free to review the excellent conversations we’ve been able to have over the years.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! And if you would like to continue to participate in the group between now and its end, we encourage that as well! All conversation is allowed and encouraged between now and Nov 12th.

Stay Rugged,

Chris Orsini & Alex Humphrey

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