Our Plan

As Christians, we want to be above reproach. In fundraising, this includes giving you the information you need to steward your money wisely. With that in mind, we’re letting you in on why we’re doing a fundraiser and giving you a breakdown of what we intend to do with the money raised. This podcast is for you, so we want to be open about what we’re doing with the resources you give us.

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Why Do A Fundraiser?

There are two reasons we’re doing this fundraiser:

  1. We want to cover the basic costs of putting on a podcast.
  2. We want to significantly upgrade the quality, efficiency, professionalism, and creative potential of the podcast.

You probably know that podcasting costs money. But if you’re like we were, you don’t realize how much money. A website, a domain (or two), and a place to host audio files costs several hundred dollars. Add to that editing software which we don’t currently own (Chris’ job does), adds another couple of hundred.

But those are just the basics things we need to keep The Rugged Marriage in its current place. We want more than the status quo. We want better quality, more fail safes against technical issues, bigger and better guests, and the ability to do some of the awesome creative ideas we’ve come up with.

To get to that level costs money. Lots of it.

In addition, recording guests is difficult (and some guests are impossible) in our current setup. The application we were using (blab.im) has shut down and we’ve become dependent (again) on the recording equipment of our guests. With some money, we can buy the equipment we need to record guests remotely which makes it much easier to get someone to agree to come on the show!

It may not seem like it’s that important, but when guests are considering coming onto our show, the quality matters. When organizations are looking to advertise or do a give away on our show, quality matters. And when potential listeners are checking out the podcast for the first time, poor quality can be a turn off.

What We’re Doing With The Money

But that’s just an overview of the types of things we hope to accomplish from this fundraiser. In order to be above reproach, we created a PDF of everything we intend to buy with the money raised and a brief explanation for why we’re buying it. You can see the breakdown by Clicking Here or scrolling down to the bottom of this page.

We’ve put purchases into three categories: Basic Needs, Equipment NeedsOther, and a new Crossed out section.

Basic Needs are required to keep the podcast running. These include web hosting, audio file hosting, editing software, and other things we need to pay yearly or monthly to keep the podcast up.

Equipment Needs professionalize and expand the capabilities of the podcast. These items increase the quality, allows us to easily have guests, and give us the freedom to flex our creative muscles.

The Other category is for the stuff that won’t fit anywhere else. They’re “nice to haves” and things that we would like to pursue but aren’t required. Right now this includes (1) books for Chris and Alex that we’ll use to increase our knowledge of marriage, theology, and life (Semper Reformanda!) and (2) money set aside for giveaways to give back to you and to increase exposure of the podcast. We expect this section to grow a lot in future fundraisers as we try out new things and explore new ways to interact with you!

Crossed out items are the things we’ve been able to purchase because of your past donations. Thank you!

Thank You

Thank you for reading this far, for caring to know what is going on, and for being a listener and supporter of The Rugged Marriage. Your support is helping more people to communicate in their marriage, to see their roles as proclaimers of the Gospel, and giving singles a reason to look forward to marriage.

If you still want to support us, you can click here to join our fundraiser and get some swag  or Click here to do a direct donation.

Whether or not you give, you are part of this thing and we are so grateful for it! Thanks for reading and #StayRugged!

With Gratitude,
Chris & Alex
Semper Reformanda, Semper Matrimonium

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