You want to support The Rugged Marriage? Thank you!

There are multiple ways to do it and a bit of information you might be interested in.

Fundraiser 2016

We’re fundraising until October 29th! For the month of October, when you support the podcast, you can receive some Rugged Marriage Swag! We’ve teamed up with Paul Cox to offer you T-Shirts and Hoodies in exchange for your support!

Click here to purchase your swag.


Our Plan

We want to be above reproach in our fundraising and spending. With that in mind, we have created a page that explains why we are asking for support and what we intend to do with the money once the fundraiser is over.

Click here to read a full report explaining how we are going to spend the money raised during this fundraiser.

Direct Support

If you want to support The Rugged Marriage, but aren’t interested in swag, we have created an option for you to give directly to the Podcast. No swag is included if you use this method.

Click here to give directly to The Rugged Marriage without participating in the 2016 Fundraiser.

Thank You

We are amazed that you would want to offer us your support!

Thank you so much!

Your Brothers in Christ,
Chris & Alex


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