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[Update: You can find our follow-up here:]

We’re doing a minisode or episode about the Forbidden Friendships book. It will take a few weeks before we can get it out. Read below for a fuller understanding of where I’m at on this and why we think it’s necessary to do this additional episode.

Last night, Rachel​ and I were discussing Episode 32 and she pointed out to me that this is the first time I’ve had a major topic on the podcast about something I am still working through.

Up until now, everything I’ve discussed has been something I’ve taken significant time, often years, to consider and think through and have a position on. But with this, only a few months have gone by since the book first cracked into some of my presuppositions about male/female relationships and forced me to ask questions I’ve never asked before.

This is why, in the interview, you don’t hear me agreeing or disagreeing much with the author. I mostly just ask him questions and let him give answers. I’m using this interview, plus his book, plus many other things to work through a lot of these ideas and help me in my process of coming to a Biblical and practically wise conclusion on this topic.

Unfortunately, the interview and the subsequent responses Chris and I gave left us with an episode where many people think I wholesale agree with Joshua on everything he said. That is absolutely not the case.

Personally, this is how I think through new ideas. It’s the kind of one-on-one chat I’d have with anyone who is presenting me with something new that they claim is from the scripture. My goal was (and is) to understand what is being said in more depth and from there to search the scripture, talk to people, read more books, and over the course of a very long time come to an understanding and conclusion on new ideas. It’s my little way of doing Semper Reformada. And I had hoped that would be what people took from the interview as well.

As mentioned above, that’s not what happened. So what are we doing about it?

Chris and I are going to have a discussion where we work through these ideas and give a lot more insight into where we are as podcast hosts. What have we taken away from the interview? From scripture? Where are we at right now? What are we continuing to do? What don’t we like about his advice? Where do we think he gets scripture wrong?

Unfortunately, we’ve already recorded this week’s episode (and won’t have time to re-record between now and Monday). Next week I work a TON of overtime and we’re recording the Live Show (which we don’t want to spend having a one-on-one discussion, but would rather interact with you guys a lot more talking about all kinds of things Gospel and marriage). The week of Thanksgiving, in addition to time with family I am working even more overtime.

All to say, it could be two or three weeks before we’re able to have this discussion. Chris and I are still deciding whether it will be a minisode or full episode or something else. For now, know that we do plan to continue this discussion and hopefully bring some peace and clarity to this group.

Please be patient with us. We’re striving to serve Christ and honor you, our brothers and sisters in Christ, with The Rugged Marriage. We won’t always do the best job, but we’re going to continue to seek to serve as best we can.

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