Episode 8: Friends & Calvinist Batman pt. 2

In this episode, Alex and Chris host their first guest, Calvinist Batman! The mysterious defender of Gotham talks to us about Reformed Theology, how he met his wife, and how God saved him out of homosexuality. This is part two of two, so if you haven’t heard the first half of episode 8, go listen to that before listening to this part!

Also, this one probably isn’t for kids. So if you have kids who listen to The Rugged Marriage with you, give it a listen before allowing them to hear this one.

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Intro by: Lino Rise
Title: “Channel Into Korea”
Source: www.free-intro-music.com

Outro by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Title: “Pamgaea”
Licenced under Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0

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