Episode 72: SSA & Singleness with Bryan Magaña

Blogger at The Happy Alternative, Worship Leader, and Man of God Bryan Magaña joins Chris and Alex to discuss his experience as a same-sex attracted Christian. Bryan made the decision to remain celibate and single in order to best serve God. We discuss what it was like to “come out” to his family and his church, what it means to be a same-sex attracted Christian, and then turn to start discussing singleness and what it means to be a Christian embracing a call to singleness. This is one you won’t want to miss!

Check Bryan out:


  • Take your wife out to do something she knows a lot about! Then, ask her lots and lots of questions and listen to those sweet, sweet answers. You’ll learn a ton and grow so much as a couple.
  • Florida Man – If you haven’t heard of him, you should…
  • Midnight Machines by Lights – a truly excellent musician you don’t want to miss!

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