Episode 67: Voicemails Y’all!

Another round of voicemails! First we ramble about birthdays and Pokedates before diving into those excellent voicemails and texts, including:

  • We hear back from Joshua who works at Calvary Chapel
  • Ryan asks about the difference between a husband laying down his life and a wife submitting to her husband. They often sound like the same thing!
  • How do you renew your mind when it comes to lustful thoughts?
  • The book ‘Sheet Music’ recommends masturbating to increase stamina, should Christians do that?
  • What would you say to someone whose sister-in-law was moving in?
  • If a person gets divorced for cheating or abandonment (or both), is that person free to remarry?
  • How should a couple handle delivery room etiquette when they disagree?

Get your CALVINIST support in before it’s too late!



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Intro by: Lino Rise
Title: “Channel Into Korea”
Source: www.free-intro-music.com
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