Episode 24: What’s a Sarcastic Compliment? (Voicemails/Texts)

It’s time for more voicemails! As always, we’ve got some amazing questions to answer (thanks to you!) If you want to be a part of our next voicemail cast, send a voicemail or text message to (505) 750-3075.


  • How do you deal with in-laws not recognizing the authority shift from a father’s headship to a husband’s headship?
  • What is the most uplifting thing your wife has said to you sarcastically?
  • What should you do if one spouse wants a child, but the other doesn’t because they feel inadequate or apathetic?
  • What is the grossest smell you’ve experienced in your marriage?
  • How do you deal with theological differences with a spouse? How do you talk about things like Calvinism without sounding condescending?
  • What is your best quality as a man/husband? What is your wife’s best quality as a woman/wife?

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Intro by: Lino Rise
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