FTC Discolosure

Most of the links that take you to a place where you can buy something are affiliate links and earn us a small fee.

Some of the books we read, we’ve gotten for free. When that happens, we make it clear in the intro.

Sometimes we have a relationship with someone who we are promoting. Honestly, we don’t like promoting things we don’t have relationships with.

We use google ads and other advertising groups. For items we advertise, we have a relationship…blah blah blah.

Giveaways: Sometimes we buy stuff to give away. Sometimes we give sellers and opportunity to advertise with us by giving us product to give away to you. We’ll always let you know when a giveaway is part of an advertising opportunity.

We’re not attempting to or trying to harm or surprise you in any way. Our goal is helping to glorify God in marriage. In order to do that, we find ways to make money as well.